About Us

D&D Model Cleaning & Casting Incorporated is located on 2 Leah Street in Johnston, RI 02919. This business was established over 30 years ago by owner and operator Domingos Dias. D&D manufactures jewelry casting, novelty items and picture frames for local as well as nationwide businesses. D&D is currently accepting new clients from anywhere in the country.

We are a family run and operated business since 1980. We can cast a variety of quality jewelry castings, picture frames, jewelry boxes, trinket trays, small and large figurines, buckles, draw pulls, and self link bracelets. We produce castings for small as well as large companies. All original models are supplied by the customer. If an original model is needed, we have model makers with the ability to create a model to your specifications and design(s). We make all sample molds and production molds in-house. Mold sizes vary, ranging from 9X1 inch to 18X5 inch molds. We are able to produce your designs without having to solder many small parts together, allowing for fewer seams as well as a reduction in breakage. Small, medium, and/or large production orders are available with lead free pewter or zinc metal. If so desired, we are able to cast and clean your product.

(401) 274-4011